Sara is a Swedish Director of Photography, the largest part of her network and filmjobs are located in Gothenburg, but she is currently based in Karlstad. She is a sensitive and curious cinematographer who likes to work with character driven stories that focus on intimate and personal narrative. A close relationship with the director and the actors is most important to her. Actors have often called her the third actor and says that they don’t even notice her intrusive and up close camerawork.

Sara’s main approach to her work is to keep it simple, natural and to trust her gut. Focusing on what is most important for the story is her way of getting intimate images. Her love of natural light is also something that shows in her imagery. She likes to take advantage of it, building the scenery around it and then experimenting with different lighting and camera movements to heighten the feeling of the scene.

She has forged her own path and built her own education while studying at Filmhögskolan/Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg. Sara has over a decade’s worth of experience as a cinematographer for both features and shorts. For many years she has studied how to use the human body as a tool for telling stories, as an attempt to connect with the audience's innermost feelings.